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An iridologist may identify an iris sign and assess its current relevance and activity. The practitioner then asks questions of the client to determine current symptoms and their relevance. A thorough examination of the client’s present and past health profile is conducted to identify any correlations with the observed iris signs. Once this cross-checking process is complete, recommendations for further testing and investigation can be made.


One of the great strengths of iridology is that it is a non-invasive assessment method. It offers valuable insight into a person’s health potential and genetic inheritance.

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A non-invasive assessment tool

Lis offers personal iris assessments that provide information about your genetically inherited strengths and vulnerabilities. Iris assessment also reveals your constitutional resilience and genetic predispositions.


An iris analysis is just one component of a multifaceted health assessment and serves as a guide for collecting information, in conjunction with a client’s family health history, personal health history, and current symptom profile. It's important to note that an iridology assessment cannot provide a diagnosis for disease. Further medical assessments and test results are often necessary to determine whether inherited iris signs are currently symptomatic and active.

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Our current knowledge of iridology has been shaped by historical and contemporary empirical data, coupled with formal, high-quality study outcomes. Historical concepts have been reviewed, and progressive information has been integrated. The collective efforts of skilled and gifted iridologists from around the world have enriched this body of knowledge, and iridology research continues globally.

Meet Lis
Iridology Around the World

Lis has an extensive background as a lecturer, spanning 24 years, during which she has been a dedicated instructor of iridology at three leading colleges. Her commitment lies in delivering up-to-date and pertinent information that adheres to international standards. She is the author of the core training manual, titled 'Iridology: A Beginner's Guide,' a fundamental textbook which has been used by two reputable Australian colleges. Lis earned a resounding endorsement for this textbook from the renowned international iridologist, Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, PhD. To purchase this book, click HERE

Throughout her career, Lis has imparted her knowledge of iridology both nationally and internationally. Her contributions include conducting a three-part national webinar for ATMS and presenting at the 17th Annual International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) Symposium.

In 2022, ahead of her presentation at the IIPA Symposium, Lis was interviewed for the Iridology Around the World YouTube Channel by past IIPA presidents Kathy Norris and Christos Miliankos.

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