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Professional Biography

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Lis Conlon Herbalist

(Elizabeth M. Conlon – ATMS No. 2074)

Lis Conlon has been an accredited Herbalist-Iridologist in Sydney, Australia, since 1991 and is a Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Over the three decades during which she has been assisting others with their health, she has had the honour and privilege of treating three to four generations in some families.


In her clinical practice, Lis has assisted clients with their health through various life stages, including preconception care, pregnancy, post-natal care, childhood illnesses, puberty, menopause, andropause, and aged care. Additionally, she has provided herbal medicine support for many of the stress-inducing life and health challenges that can arise for children and adults.


Lis is a family person and brings the understanding of a mother's heart to her work. Her clients often call her “The Family Herbalist.” Lis’s training as a natural therapist and her years of experience as a practitioner have helped her support the health and well-being of her own dearly loved family members, some of whom live with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD), formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome.

Lis has a great love of learning and an equal love for natural therapies. She graduated with a Diploma of Herbal Medicine from the Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine, a Diploma of Iridology from the Newcastle College of Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine from Nature Care College, and a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science from Victoria University.


Lis is an experienced, passionate, and versatile educator with an avid interest in adult learning styles and tailored teaching techniques. She has taught a variety of Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic, and Professional Development subjects for three leading Australian colleges since commencing lecturing in 1999. She has also supervised student clinicians in their student clinic practicum for two of those colleges.


In addition to her extensive teaching experience, she has also developed curriculum and materials to suit both face-to-face and distance learning delivery platforms. She authored the core training manual "Iridology: A Beginner's Guide,” which has been used as a foundational textbook by two reputable Australian colleges. Lis has received a resounding endorsement for this work from renowned international iridologist Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, PhD.


In her past academic leadership experience, Lis served as an advisor on the Board of Education for the Newcastle College of Herbal Medicine. She supported trainers in the Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, and Homeopathy Departments in her role as Trainer Coordinator for Nature Care College. Lis also previously worked as Head of Department for the Nature Care College Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy Departments.


Lis is committed to supporting and developing new practitioners entering the natural therapy profession. She is a mentor and clinical supervisor for postgraduate herbal medicine and naturopathy practitioners. She facilitates small group and individual mentoring sessions to assist new practitioners with the varying and demanding aspects of clinical practice, including case review, ethics, compliance, and self-care. She considers this service vital for newly graduated practitioners. As a postgraduate mentor and clinical supervisor, she provides a level of support that fosters confidence and momentum in the early years of private practice.


Lis is one of the first Australians to be trained, mentored and certified by Pam Montgomery as a Shamanic Plant Spirit Practitioner and has worked as Pam’s associate teacher/facilitator for the Australia/NZ region. Lis connects with the sentient nature of plants through deep and reciprocal relationships, resonating with her Celtic spiritual heritage in this work. She finds great joy in teaching others how to develop these relationships with the natural world. In Plant Spirit sessions, Lis works in cooperation with the consciousness, vital essence, and life force of her personal Plant Spirit Allies.


As a trained meditation facilitator and Reiki Master, Lis has a special interest in the use of mindfulness to assist clients with managing stress and anxiety. Lis has a musical performance background and has received training in sound therapy. She includes intuitive instrumental music and vocals to invoke sacred space and relaxation in Reiki and Plant Spirit sessions.


Lis is a medicine drum maker and mandala artist. She applies the sacred geometry in her original mandala designs to the drums she makes. She holds regular drum-making workshops to teach others how to craft their own sacred

instrument. Lis regularly facilitates shamanic drum journeys and immensely enjoys playing her medicine drum to guide participants into creative and intuitive meditative states. She runs regular drum-making workshops enriched

with ceremony, meditation, drum journeying, and sacred song. Lis believes that the 'birthing' of a drum is a special and important rite of passage.

Meet Lis
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