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Herbal Medicine & Plant Essences


Working with Lis

A client-focused holistic approach

During your herbal medicine consultation, I will take a comprehensive approach to investigate both your current and past health history. I am a client-focused practitioner and will collaborate with you, prioritizing your goals to address your health and wellness needs.


I will formulate a personalised blend of herbal medicines tailored to your unique health profile. Plant and flower essences will be added to your blend to enhance your emotional wellbeing. This aligns with my mission to treat the whole person rather than merely addressing a set of physical symptoms.

No two people receive the same botanical blend. The herbal medicine and plant essence formulations are as unique as the individuals they are prepared for.

I believe in treating people as integrated beings. As a practitioner, I address physical needs, mindset, emotional balance, and provide spiritual and energetic support. These aspects work together synergistically to care for the Body, Mind, and Spirit.


My client-focused approach is holistic—treating the entire person rather than isolated symptoms. To achieve this, I combine the wisdom of traditional medicine with evidence-based knowledge from contemporary research in my treatment protocols.

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Herbal Medicines &Plant Essences

Nature's Therapeutics

Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicine is the world's oldest form of medicine, with ancient roots dating back to the era before Hippocrates.


Herbal medicines are exclusively derived from plants and are used to treat a wide range of physical illnesses and conditions. Herbal medicine treatment is also known as phytotherapy or phytomedicine.


Naturally occurring phytochemicals in herbal medicines provide medicinal benefits to the physical body. These effects can be general or quite specific, targeting certain body systems and organs.


Herbal medicines can be administered internally or applied externally in various forms, including powders, capsules, teas, tinctures, extracts, creams, ointments, and washes.


Plant Essences


The use of plant and flower essences in holistic healthcare originates from the premise that nurturing peace of mind, inner happiness, and emotional balance fosters the ideal conditions for maintaining good health.


Plant and flower essences serve the purpose of countering and neutralising negative thought patterns and emotional states, ultimately restoring a more positive and balanced state of mind.

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Consultation Types

Fees and Charges

As at 1st January, 2024:

  • Initial Intake Consultation (1.5 hrs): $220

  • Standard Follow-up Consultation (45 mins): $150

  • Acute Short Consultation (20-25 mins): $85

Please note that there are separate charges for herbal medicines, in addition to the consultation fees.

For Enquiries and Consultation Bookings:

0404 588 793 or

Please note that 24-hours’ notice is required to cancel an appointment. Failure to give 24-hours’ notice will incur a $100 cancellation fee.

Meet Lis
ATMS 30+ Years Accredited Membership

On November 13, 2022, Lis was honoured by The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) for her 30+ years of dedicated service as an accredited herbal medicine practitioner.


Following the award ceremony, Lis participated in an interview where she discussed:

  • Her background and training in herbal medicine.

  • The factors influencing her decisions on individual client doses and herbal formulations.

  • Her aspiration to make herbal medicine accessible to people of all ages.

  • The importance of providing foundational herbal medicine education to the general public for basic home healthcare.

  • The significance of well-trained, qualified, and accredited herbal medicine practitioners in supporting families with their health and wellness needs.

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