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Mentoring, Teaching & Workshops

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Clinical Supervision and Mentoring Program

Post Graduate Support

Lis is dedicated to supporting and nurturing new practitioners entering the field of natural therapy. She serves as a mentor and clinical supervisor for postgraduate herbal medicine and naturopathy professionals. 
Lis conducts both small group and one-on-one mentoring sessions to assist emerging practitioners in navigating the diverse and demanding aspects of clinical practice. This includes case reviews, ethics, compliance, and self-care. She views this service as crucial for recent graduates, recognizing the importance of providing support during the early years of private practice. 
As a postgraduate mentor and clinical supervisor, Lis offers invaluable support that helps new practitioners build confidence and gain momentum in their careers.

Meet Lis

Mentoring Participant Testimonials

"I had the absolute benefit of being a part of Lis Conlon’s clinical supervision and mentoring program for my first year after graduating as a Naturopath. These monthly sessions were a huge benefit to me in so many ways as a new practicing Naturopath. To be able to discuss [deidentified] cases where I felt uncertainty with Lis along with other peers was invaluable. Lis would meticulously prepare notes, research and advice for each of our cases prior to these sessions so that our time together was used most efficiently.  I also thoroughly benefited from hearing other peoples’ cases and learning from their experiences in their work environments.

Further, in my first year of clinic I struggled with some legal and business-related issues related to my new practice. Lis was a huge support during this time offering useful advice on how to manage the situation as well as emotional support.

I would highly recommend Lis Conlon’s clinical supervision and mentoring program to any Herbalist or Naturopath seeking support with their new or ongoing practices."
Tina P – Canberra. A.C.T.

"I met Lis during my time as a student in Sydney, where she is a much respected and loved lecturer. After graduating with qualifications in Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine, and while completing a separate nutrition qualification, I commenced work. At this time, I joined Lis’s mentoring programme [and participated for 12 months]. Lis provided guidance as we moved from students to practitioners into the world of natural health.

The monthly mentoring sessions provided a safe place to share experiences, both good and bad, to talk about our highs, lows and fears as new praccies, plus providing so much practical help via discussions and workshopping of actual cases and treatment options (with anonymity for patients to protect their privacy).
Lis was a warm and steady influence, a person of enormous integrity, and of vast knowledge and experience, who has been a great comfort and help to me during both my college years and during the past 12 months.


I can sincerely recommend her clinical supervision and mentoring sessions to any graduate or practitioner."
Pamela N – Killara, N.S.W.

"Mentoring with Lis has been an incredible part of my journey in becoming a solo practitioner and has offered a safety net in a very uncertain time in my career. Leaving the safety and support of college can feel incredibly daunting, but the mentoring process made it a smooth and simple transition between college and practice, with an avenue to gain both guidance and support, as well as have an outlet to share stories and concerns with people going through a similar stage.


Sessions are both well-structured and flowing, with equal and adequate time for everyone in the group to share [de-identified] cases, queries and insights. Lis transfers her vast and immense knowledge as a practitioner and teacher to the group in easily digestible and applicable ways and holds a safe and encouraging space for each member of the group. This has also helped me get to know or stay in contact with other new practitioners, which has been great for networking, friendships and alternative insights. 

I would highly recommend being part of this mentoring process to make an easy and exciting transition into Naturopathic practice."


Bergia K – Mount Victoria, N.S.W.

I was a member of Lis Conlon’s postgraduate mentoring group for more than 2 years. I so looked forward to our monthly meetings, and I learned so much from Lis as well as the group environment she created for us.


Lis is very experienced, very grounded and a wise medicine woman, a healer with a deep understanding of the plants she works with. She is also an excellent teacher and mentor, and I feel very lucky to have spent the time with her that I have, and glad to have her friendship.
Susan D – Perth, W.A.

"I have been lucky enough to have Lis Conlon as both a lecturer in Herbal Medicine as well as a postgraduate Mentor.


I think when a student finishes their studies and starts out in their field, even someone like me who had already been practicing as a Homoeopath and Massage Therapist for years, it can still be daunting starting in a new field of complementary medicine.


I needed a place I could ask questions and ask for help with tricky cases, and also be reassured that I was on the right track with my treatment plans. I also needed more information as sometimes health concerns are complex and areas that we might not have been trained in - so Lis was a great support to all of us in her group and was also a font of information - both from her years of experience as a herbalist and also her up to date information.


Lis is one of the best teachers and mentors I have had and I am always grateful for her wisdom and for the supportive, inclusive, good humoured and respectful way that she engages with everyone."

Junia K – Bondi, N.S.W.

Meet Lis
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Mentoring Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

As at 1st January, 2024:

  • Monthly online 2-hour group sessions (3 to 4 participants): $130.00

  • Individual one-on-one 1-hour sessions: $150.00

For Enquiries and Bookings:

0418 454 182 or

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