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Iridology: A Beginner's Guide

Iridology: A Beginner's Guide


Iris analysis can be a highly effective tool for any clinician wishing to expand or enhance their ability to use non-invasive assessment methods.


This book provides understanding of how the iris gives insight into a person’s health potential and
genetic inheritance.


Foundational and intermediate iridology concepts are presented in a comprehensive and step-by-step manner. The reader is taken on a progressive journey in recognising and identifying
various signs in the iris.


Helpful illustrations and rich colour images are provided to enhance learning.


Care has been taken to provide simplified and concise explanations of theoretical views. This is
an ideal book if you are new to iridology or if you are an intermediate learner in the subject.


If you are upgrading your traditional iridology training this book provides you with a smooth
transition. You will gain a clear understanding of the differences between traditional and
contemporary iridology viewpoints.

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