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Iridology Assessment Checklist

Iridology Assessment Checklist


After many years of conducting iridology assessments with my own clients and supervising naturopathy students in their clinical training, it became clear to me that a smooth health assessment is best supported with helpful practitioner tools.


Many student practitioners wonder where to begin with the iris assessment, what to look at next, what sequence to follow, where to finish and most importantly, how to notate and record their observations. I developed this checklist in response to these queries to ease the way and act as a guide.


This 4-page practitioner tool was created to simplify annotation and record keeping during the Iridology Assessment. The layout, colour images, diagrams and checkboxes minimise writing and support efficiency for the practitioner.  The final checklist is a result of three decades of fine-tuning in my own clinical practice and has been professionally produced by a graphic designer. 


Whether you are a student clinician or experienced practitioner this checklist will help your iridology assessments to run smoothly. The completed checklist provides a detailed, concise and reliable record that can be retained in your client files.


NOTE: The Iridology Assessment Checklist comes free with the purchase of the "Iridology - A Beginner's Guide" textbook or is available for purchase (here) as a stand-alone PDF.

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