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Helping families with their
health for 30 years

Lis Conlon


Lis Conlon has been an accredited Herbalist-Iridologist in Sydney, Australia since 1991. Over the three decades that she has been assisting others with their health she has had the honour and privilege of treating three to four generations in some families.

In her private practice she has assisted clients with their health through various life stages including: preconception care, pregnancy, post-natal care, childhood illnesses, puberty, menopause, andropause and aged care. Additionally, she has provided herbal medicine support for many of the stress-inducing life and health challenges that can arise for children and adults.

Lis a family person and brings an understanding Mother’s heart to my work. Her clients often call her  "The Family Herbalist."

Meet Lis
My Services
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Herbal Medicine
& Plant Essences

Lis blends individualised combinations of Botanical Medicines for you that contain herbal medicines for your physical health and Plant essences for your emotional wellbeing.

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Lis offers personal iris assessments that provide information about your genetically inherited strengths and vulnerabilities as well as your constitutional resilience and genetic predispositions.

Plant Spirit
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Lis connects with the consciousness and sentient nature of plants through deep and reciprocal relationship. She will teach you how to connect with Mother Earth's wisdom so that you can also develop these relationships with plant beings.

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Mentoring, Teaching & Workshops

Lis teaches college-level subjects to naturopathic students, mentors postgraduate naturopathic practitioners and presents community-based workshops for the general public.

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